I had some initial success with Smashwords, especially with short stories. I released several 8k to 12k shorts and they did pretty well, but overall, my ability to sell my genre-specific books was hindered by not implementing a real marketing program for Smashwords. I enjoyed getting into several additional Ebook markets, but like most authors, I was looking for more.

I didn’t like the “Meatgrinder” at Smashwords, and I didn’t like formatting at Nook, and well, the upshot was that I was enticed away by a story that said Draft2Digital was simple. You know what? The story was true.

If you are considering going wide and sharing your book with readers in many markets beyond Amazon, Draft2Digital makes it very easy. The formatting is simple (really, really simple) and while you can submit individually to each storefront (perhaps with the exception of Google Books) and keep your full fee for books sold, I’m willing to go the easy route and share 10% with D2D.

What do I get besides ease? Many storefronts, including:

Quick and Easy

Formatting was as easy as deleting what wasn’t actual chapters and photos and placing the same number of returns between every photo and chapter. Then I tried to browse and upload. It worked. All I had to do after that was insert my Author Photo, Bio, and choose for them (D2D) to issue an ISBN (at no cost), and then upload my cover.

Thirty seconds later I had a tiny image on the screen of my cover and was asked where I wanted my “also by” (meaning other books created for Draft2Digital) notice, in front, in the back, or both. Well, that was the first book, so I tried another book, and while I had to redo one page, it took virtually no time, no queue to wait in, just posted my current book’s teaser, checked the author bio (D2D already had my first book’s bio, so it just inserted that), and named the book.

Oh, I also had to choose my book price – anywhere from free to whatever, and pick my distributors. I clicked them all and a day later, I was hooked up to all the istorefronts. I went to Smashwords and Nook and “unpublished” my early copies and waited a couple days until the new edition of Mob City:Reno was available on all the storefronts.

What You Expect in Sales

Not much, unless you do some promos or marketing, but if you do, you should be able to see interst in your otherwise saleable books. Amazon accounts for perhaps 70% of all Ebook sales. That’s scary! But what if you could suppliment your book sales with 50% of what you already do on Amazon? It’s very possible, so if you are already passing on Kindle Unlimited, what’s stopping you from considering D2D?