Fractured reading is what happens when your mind wanders off-course. Writers try to be clever and present beautiful prose, but sometimes what comes across is, well, fractured. In other words, the authors’ words get fragmented, mangled, mutilated, and dismembered. Sometimes that’s funny.

I once had the pleasure (I got in trouble and was relegated to the slag pile) of reading unsolicited manuscripts sent to a small publishing house. Yeah, it wasn’t exactly Penguin Random House, so the writing was spotty.

A favorite line I came across was “The hunters moved quietly into the forest and found the deer sitting up in the trees.” All I could think was how did they climb the trees?  But that happens. Even Stephen King admits that his editor once caught a passage where he said something like “the fields are filled with local hunters killing their fill of peasants.” Peasants, pheasants, whatever, it’s all good.

Headlines often make me happy, especially if they are fractured, like my sense of humor.

How about “Man reunited with sister after fifteen years at Department of Motor Vehicles.” I know how that is!

Perhaps you prefer “This month’s Little Theatre play is Shakespear’s, Hamlet. Get tickets early if you want to attend this tragedy.” Guess the Little Theatre’s actors aren’t too talented.

Or maybe “See The Surgeon and the Patient, presented in two parts.” Was this an amputation?

And finally, “The friendly couple had their sixth child this week.” They are friendly and fast!

Anyway, I’m just enjoying life. I hope you’ll do the same.